geovanny arredondo, head chef

Head Chef Geovanny Arredondo

Geovanny Arredondo was born in Mexico City. As a young boy, Geo began to learn the secrets of Mexican cooking from his mother, who was renowned as a master chef in the barrio. In fact, it was said of her that "she could make a wonderful meal from the sole of a shoe".

Chef Geo began cooking early on when he was 8 years old. As his mother and father stayed busy supporting four children, Geo took charge in the kitchen, employing the skills and techniques he had learned from his mother. At age 14, Geo also began working in the kitchen of a local restaurant.

At age 22, Geo came to the United States in search of a better life. He found work in a restaurant as a dishwasher and quickly worked his way up through successive positions to become line cook.

Geo's first experience as a true restaurant chef came while working with Monica Greene at Monica's Aca Allá, one of Dallas' first successful authentic Mexican food restaurants. Under Monica's skilled eye for 11 years, Geo fully developed his skills for creating new tastes, recipes, and presentations. Chef Geo has always used the "clean plate" test to determine if a recipe is perfect: Until the plate comes back consistently clean, he keeps improving the recipe.

In Dallas, Chef Geo has worked and studied with Trey Wilcox at Marquee Grill, Omar Flores at Driftwood, and DJ Quintanilla at Restro Gastro Bistro. Now at Komali for two years, Chef Geo will continue to bring Mexico City tastes to the menu, as well as flavors from all around the culinary regions of the Mexican Republic.