About Komali Restaurant

Komali's sleek yet welcoming interior

Komali proudly serves contemporary Mexican food in a welcoming environment. Owner Emanuel Salinas is enormously proud of his native Mexico's culinary traditions and personally samples each plate for authenticity before it goes on the menu.

Komali takes its name from the native Aztec word for an open fire griddle. We pay homage to Mexico's ancient traditions by making dishes from scratch using ingredients and recipes spanning countless generations, while at the same time integrating cutting-edge trends from Mexico City. The result is a collection of dishes truly unique to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

Komali's bar with an assortment of our signature margaritas

Julio Quiñones’ dramatic new take on contemporary décor greets our guests as they enter the restaurant. From the communal table in the bar to the unique hand­-designed fireplace, Komali's setting invites all who enter to relax, have fun and share in the unique flavors of Mexico. Further enticements include an intimate patio and a bar area that provides an excellent backdrop to enjoy drinks with friends or even watch a game.

There's a saying in Spanish: No se compara. It means "There's no comparison".  We strive to make our guests feel this way with everything we do. We hope you agree that when it comes to Komali, ¡no se compara!